Q. Does the Library subscribe to Lynda.com?


Update, April 27, 2020: AACPL has resubscribed to Lynda.com. You can access this resource here: www.aacpl.net/lynda. Forgot your password? Chat or open a support ticket here.

AACPL also subscribes to Udemy for Business, which offers online courses in the areas of business, tech personal development and more. Login to Udemy here: https://www.aacpl.net/resources/udemy.

  • Last Updated May 11, 2020
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  • Answered By Stephanie L. Petruso

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  1. Very unfortunate - Lynda.com was an awesome resource :-(
    by Ron on Sep 25, 2019.
  2. Is there some way we could bring it back? Could we just let users know their data will be made public and have them check a user acceptance agreement? If they don't agree, then don't press the button to see the material?
    by Ursula on Oct 03, 2019.
  3. Hi Ursula, thank you for your comment. Lynda/LinkedIn no longer meets the data privacy standards that we require all library vendors to adhere to. Additionally, by limiting usage of their site to users over 16, they do not meet our requirements for access to library materials for all. We work with dozens of vendors and this is something that we insist upon for all of them.

    If you'd like to contact Lynda/LinkedIn Learning, you can do so here: https://www.lynda.com/support/contact

    We are actively seeking a replacement product for Lynda and hope to have an announcement soon.
    by Stephanie L. Petruso on Oct 03, 2019.
  4. I was quite affected by this move to cancel Lynda... had been using it everyday to switch careers. But I understood at the time why AACPL did it.
    Today, I signed up for Mango Languages and was forced to accept a Data Consent Form and create an account. I fail to see how this is any different than what Lynda was switching to and which AACPL objected to.
    by Joe on Nov 15, 2019.
  5. Good Afternoon Joe,
    That is a great question, and I can see how it would be confusing. The difference is in how Mango authenticates customer accounts vs. how Lynda authenticated customer accounts. Mango does not have access to any personally identifiable information that you did not give them yourself. Lynda was directly integrated with our library database and had access to your full name and some parts of your customer record. That is the information that, if shared, would violate AACPL's privacy policy.
    by Stephanie L. Petruso on Nov 15, 2019.
  6. Hi Rita, We have been able to get Lynda.com once again! You can access by going to https://www.aacpl.net and clicking on the lynda.com icon. If you have an older account and have forgotten your email, then please visit LinkedIn's help ticketing/chat area at https://www.linkedin.com/help/learning.
    by Connie Harich on Mar 25, 2020.
  7. We are working with Udemy them to allow access once again. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    by Connie Harich on May 12, 2020.